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Heading to Costa Rica? The DIY Costa Rica community is your new best friend.

Most Costa Rica guidebooks are outdated, many Costa Rica travel blogs are writer-focused (not reader-focused), and an overwhelming percentage of international travel agents “selling” Costa Rica have never even stepped foot in the country. Yet, these are the sources that travellers turn to for assistance in planning their Costa Rica trip, whether it be a solo backpacking adventure, a family vacation, a honeymoon, or another welcomed escape from home.

Much like its population of international visitors, Costa Rica’s tourism industry is ever-changing. Hotels close. Restaurants open. Tour operators change their activity offerings. Unfortunately, most informative travel resources are static and struggle to keep up with the country’s pace of development.

To eliminate this problem, we created DIY Costa Rica—the perfect mashup of an educative and always-evolving e-book, and an interactive and responsive application. Not at all reminiscent of the volumes of “Costa Rica travel guides” available online and in print, to the community of DIY Costa Rica travellers who are thankful for our fresh, original, and game-changing solution we proudly (and humbly) say, you’re welcome.

Unlike regular e-books (or worse, print guidebooks), DIY Costa Rica’s live website includes new content as soon as it becomes available—no new “versions”, “updates”, or “volumes” to wait on (or pay for). Designed as a portfolio, each of our project pages (currently, 101 and counting!) is its own book chapter that delves into one of our many trip recommendations. And, you can have access to it all for the next year for only $4.99 (USD).

499button1 year (365 days) of DIY Costa Rica access for four dollars and ninety-nine cents. That’s less than the cost of a guidebook for access to more authentic content than what’s already available elsewhere online and in print. Learn more about what is included with DIY Costa Rica access below.

Where applicable, each page of our private DIY Costa Rica content includes:

*Unique written content exposing the very best experiences that Costa Rica has to offer
*100+ photo galleries showcasing 550+ personal travel photos
(every photo that appears on DIY Costa Rica was snapped by us—we’ve been here, there, and everywhere!)
*A “Costa Rica Field Notes” section identifying extra tips and lessons learned throughout our travels
*An “Experience Details” section noting recommendations details, such as hours of operation
*A “Spanish Pronunciation Help” section phonetically describing the Spanish words we include in our projects
*An “Additional Resources” section linking to supplementary reads
*A “Maps” section marking the location of our recommendations (via Google Maps) and linking to our customized DIY Costa Rica Recommendations Map

In addition to over 100+ pages of firsthand experience, knowledge, and tips, DIY Costa Rica also provides:

*Access to your own personalized and private Costa Rica trip wish list
Each of our portfolio projects includes the option for our recommendation to be added to a trip list to help you keep track of items you like and want to remember throughout the planning and travel stages of your trip
*Access to our customized and private DIY Costa Rica Recommendations Map.
Each of our portfolio projects is marked on our map to help you identify the locations of our recommendations, as well as determine which recommendations should not be missed at each destination you plan to visit during your trip
*Access to DIY Costa Rica’s protected website content—including yesterday’s content, today’s content, and tomorrow’s content—for the next 365 days

Do you recognize us from our Costa Rica Travel Blog?

If so, you may be wondering how DIY Costa Rica differs from our popular and free travel blog. That’s a legitimate concern, to which we respond: DIY Costa Rica is our ‘best of’ compilation. On our travel blog, our voices remain impartial—we happily acknowledge what we like and do not like about the country and a variety of tourism business offerings, but we are careful not to pick favourites. After all, our travel blog aims to help travellers make their own informed trip decisions, regardless of our preferences. DIY Costa Rica, however, is our act of full disclosure; an exposé of our tried and tested preferences that we simply need to tell you about in order to help you have the very best trip possible. Although our travel blog offers guidance regarding how to plan a trip to Costa Rica and answers common Costa Rica travel questions, our specific vacation recommendations complete with supplementary details are reserved for DIY Costa Rica community members only. Information provided on DIY Costa Rica cannot be found on our travel blog, and our travel blog does not offer any of the DIY Costa Rica amenities and advantages listed below. The ultimate nexus of our knowledge, DIY Costa Rica is the accompanying “study guide” to our travel blog textbook. It discloses everything we believe travellers should do, see, buy, eat, and explore in Costa Rica in order to optimize their travel experience. Handy before or during a trip, at home or on the go, on a PC or mobile device, the website resource is the best Costa Rica trip planning tool we could recommend to handy “do it yourself” vacationers.

For more information about how our travel blog differs from our portfolio project, please see our related blog post: What Is “DIY Costa Rica” And How Does It Differ From The “Costa Rica Travel Blog”?

DIY Costa Rica sounds awesome… sign me up!

A one-time fee of $4.99 (USD) is required for 1 year of DIY Costa Rica community access. Credit or debit payment is accepted through PayPal; a PayPal account is not required. Upon purchase and registration, access to DIY Costa Rica is granted for one year (365 days from the day of registration). Upon completion of the 365-day period, the account registered will automatically expire. If you require continued access to DIY Costa Rica following the 365-day period, the account registered may be renewed if payment for the renewal is provided through PayPal. As per PayPal’s anonymity, we never see or receive your personal payment information. For secure payment information, please see PayPal directly.

1 Year (365 Days) of DIY Costa Rica Access:


Clicking on the “Buy Now” button above will redirect you to PayPal. The payment amount of $4.99 (USD) will appear (note: you will see the email address “”–this is correct; DIY Costa Rica is a project owned and operated by Pura Vida! eh? Inc.). Immediately following your payment, you will receive an email from the DIY Costa Rica team that contains a link for DIY Costa Rica account registration (an account is required in order to view the protected content on our website). Open the link, select a username and password, and click “register”. Once you have created an account, use the username and password to log-in and explore DIY Costa Rica. Start here.

DIY Costa Rica “How To” Help

Are you more of a visual learner? Check out our screenshots:

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Our homepage displays all of our recommendations. Click on a photo box to read more about the item (note: you must be logged in to view our content).
Our homepage displays all of our recommendations. Click on a photo box to read more about the item (note: you must be logged in to view our content).
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